Cinema Shed

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Cinema Shed, this is a perfect example of making a shed your own. This can work for any shed or Log Cabin, all you need to do is use your imagination to create the space you want.

The Cinema Shed all began with an entirely unremarkable plan for a shed…

Shed Plans

Ashley soon began to start making the real thing

Timber Frame

He erected the walls

Put the roof in place


And added some light fittings


Some tiling and a porch gave the little shed a cute appearance

Untreated Shed

And finally it was ready!

Finished Shed Cinema

But it’s not all that it seems from the outside…

Wide Angle

…that’s right, it’s actually a mini movie theater! aka the Cinema Shed.

Stars in the ceiling

Complete with real cinema lighting and traditional velvet seats

Cinema Shed

And of course, plenty of candy and popcorn

Pick n Mix

Fancy playing a game after the film? There’s a whole shelf of options to choose from

DVD Collection

The only problem, of course, is that when your friends hear about it, they’ll probably want to move in with you!

I do like the detail of the pick n mix stand, I don’t think there would be much left in there after a film or two with me, I think replenishing that stand may work out more expensive than the shed in the long run! I also like the fact the games consoles are in there too, count me in for a gaming session on that big screen.
It looks simple enough outside, but inside creativity has sparked and in this case resulting in a pretty amazing Cinema Shed and it’s not so extravagant to be out of anybody’s price range either.
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