Working from a Home Office or Studio

Working from a Home Office or Studio is very much the in thing to do these days, it offers very low cost overheads for any business start up or long term venture.
A few benefits include no traveling to work, no being stuck in traffic jams which seem to get worse year after year.  You work your hours around your family life, you take holidays and breaks when they suit you and not your employer or clashing holidays with other employees. You get to do what you want to do, what makes you happy and live your life with the freedom of being your own boss.

The Home Office or Studio

Come what may, a simple Garden Shed or Log Cabin can soon become the answer to working for yourself at home. Providing that professional presentation of business in your own garden.
This is what Nicola did from ‘In The Shed’
Home Office - In The Shed
‘In The Shed’ is an inspiring space where ideas become real and beautiful things are designed. While it may look like an ordinary garden shed from the outside, the inside has evolved into a lovingly decorated workspace  (Home Office) with a charming atmosphere that can only really be sensed by stepping through the door…
‘In The Shed’ is home to me, Nicola Rust and my adorable chihuahua Boo, who joins me everyday and loves to keep me warm, curling up on my knee.
I am a graphic designer, a dreamer, believer, optimist and creator. I love the feeling of being inspired and will often wake up at 4am with a mind full of ideas waiting to be created. Inspiration creates dreams, dreams create vision and a vision can be brought to life. I truly believe that ‘if it can be imagined it can be created’ and my shed is proof that dreams really do come true.
And thats how it all began – with with a sudden burst of inspiration…
For the past 5 years, the shed has been home to my graphic design business, called of course ’In The Shed’. The shed itself was built some years before whilst I was at university, desperate for my own space to design in. After a sudden burst of inspiration, a shed was my genius solution. Some people thought I was crazy at the time and before I had even worked out the practicalities, I had visualised it, talked about it and was ready to make it happen… and I did!
The shed itself was a timely second hand find that cost me 200 pounds, which after a little help from family to put the panels together and wire the electrics, I insulated and boarded the inside myself during a very cold Christmas holiday ready for a new term.
Whilst setting up my business in 2009 after being made redundant, deciding on a name was obvious, I could always be found ’In The Shed’! The shed is now the perfect studio space, with a calm and inspiring interior of peaceful colours and up-cycled furniture, just how I imagined. What I didn’t anticipate when I had that sudden burst of inspiration, was that this amazing space, my simple little shed, would transform my life in such a wonderfully positive way… It is part of who I am and allows me to be me – a space to be inspired, create and be happy, it really is home.
I love that something so ordinary can be transformed into something so magical and meaningful. You can take a simple shed, it doesn’t have to be a grand log cabin, an expensive summer house, or anything unusual and turn it into an amazing space where you can do and be anything you dream of! Remember, if it can be imagined it can be created!
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