From Planning to Completion

From Planning to Completion

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Wherever you are in the process of purchasing a garden building, Titan Garden Buildings can walk you through what’s next. Whether it’s taking you through the stage of getting your ideas onto paper or whether it’s navigating a tricky installation, with over 40 years of experience, Titan can turn your idea into a viable concept all the way to completion.

We break down each stage of the journey into steps. Our 7 Steps are: Concept; Planning; Design; Purchase; Installation; Landscaping and Maintenance.

Our team are fully trained and ready to help at every step of the way, we’re just a phone call or email away.

We’re here for you

We know garden buildings and over 40 years of experience, we’re always keen to help you make the right decisions to facilitate your perfect cabin.

We’re always just only a phone call or email away. We don’t have call centres or online order numbers. You can pick up the phone any day of the week during office hours and get hold of us. We’ll be quick to answer and are always keen to help.

We break it down for you

To make your project a reality, there are a few steps that need to be taken – but Titan Garden Buildings can help you along the way at every stage. We break down the project into 7 steps to help you reach the completion of your bespoke garden building installation.

Titan Garden Buildings have manufactured and supplied thousands of quality bespoke log cabins and garden sheds, each one working with our valued customer to facilitate their project from Concept to Completion. 

7 Steps of a Garden Building

To make it easier, we have broken down the process of completing a Garden Building project into 7 steps. Not all steps required for every project, but we always like to check them off all the same. This way we can make sure your project is completed exactly the way you imagined it. And remember, we are here at every step of the way to help.

Our 7 Steps are:

Concept; Planning; Design; Purchase;

Installation; Landscaping and Maintenance.

1. Concept

Whether you know exactly what you want for your garden or whether you just have a rough idea in mind; Titan Garden Buildings can take you through the stage of getting those ideas onto paper (or on screen!). Getting the concept correct is essential to ensure your garden building is completed exactly the way you envisioned it.

Some questions to ask:

  • What size building do you want?
  • Where will it go?
  • Is there a suitable base?
  • How many windows will you want – where would they (and the door) be located on your building?

You can find a longer list of key questions to ask on our Where to Start page.

2. Planning

While there are many factors that contribute to whether or not you can build a cabin in your garden, there are some general factors to consider.

As a general rule, most sheds and some cabins do not require planning.


  1. Not in front of the house.
  2. Outbuildings must not cover more than 50% of land around original house.
  3. Not to be used as separate living accommodation.
  4. Must be single story.
    Eaves height max. 2.5 meters. 
    Pitched roof max. height 4 m.
    Flat roof max. height 3 m.
  5. If within 2 meters of boundary, no part to be more than 2.5 m high.
  6. Planning permission may be required in Conservation or housing development areas, and for Listed buildings.

For a more detailed look at the planning step; you can visit our dedicated page regarding Garden Building Planning Permission Advice

Equally, you might want to look the Planning Portal website which will literally take you through the process of applying to your Local Planning Authority. You can visit the Planning Portal website here.

As with everything else in the process, we can help and advise you too – just give us a call, email or visit one of our showrooms. Call 01483 224 186 or Contact us.

3. Design

Sometimes we may perform the majority of this step at the same time as step 1, so that you can take the exact measurements to the Planning Portal. Once you have confirmed the planning permission, if needed, we will work with you to design your bespoke garden building. 

This is best done at one of our show-room offices, where we can literally show you the designs as they are made. However, we can do this virtually also. Once we have a final design, we can move onto the next step – Purchase.

4. Purchase (& Manufacturing)

Once the designs have been completed, we will show you a mock-up of your proposed garden building. You can then confirm the designs and agree to purchase. At this point 50% of the price will be due as a deposit, with the remainder due just prior delivery.

Your designs will then either be manufactured on-site (sheds and smaller buildings) or manufactured in Europe (log cabins and larger buildings). This process timeline can vary, but we will advise you on the estimated manufacturing time. We will then reach out to you once the building is ready for delivery.

5. Installation

Your garden building has been built! The next step is to deliver and install your building to your garden. Once the remainder of the balance has been paid, we will make sure our delivery team can access your garden and then arrange a delivery date. 

Most customers request an installation service, which we provide at the same time as delivery however it is possible to assemble the building yourself.

6. Landscaping

This optional step may have already been started prior to the installation of your garden building. Most importantly, the base for the building will need to have been completed prior to the delivery – some landscaping may co-inside with the base building process. 

We work with local professionals to provide some of the best landscaping services available, which give the ultimate finish to the surroundings of your new garden building.

7. Maintenance

Once you have completed your perfect Garden Building, you can start enjoying it. Winter, Summer or in-between – our Garden Buildings are built to last. But, it’s always important to properly maintain and look after your building. The better you treat it, the better and longer it will last you.

We can help initially by providing you with basic maintenance instructions for the ongoing upkeep of your garden building. Not only that, but we are always here to help whenever you need supplies, resources or even some friendly advice. 

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