6 Reasons Why You Need a Log Cabin this Autumn/Winter

September 18, 2017 By

1. Granny’s room

Having Christmas at yours this year but not sure if there’s enough room for granny? What you need is a log cabin which can double as an annex for situations just like this!
Kit your log cabin out with a bed, a chest of drawers and tons of blankets & pillows and suddenly you’ve got a space for any guests to stay the night.
Log Cabin - Granny’s room

2. Easy Installation

When the ground is clear, our installers can take as little as 2 hours to put up your much anticipated log cabin. It’s a good idea to install your log cabin now, before the leaves start to fall and your garden is completely covered.
Easy Installation

3. Personal Spa

Imagine this – it’s cold out, you can see your breath as you walk down the garden path to your magnificent and fully insulated log cabin. Dressed in your finest white robe, swimwear and some slippers, you open the door to your personal spa. A jacuzzi, candles, incense and spa music playing in the background: pure indulgence. You deserve this.
Personal Spa

4. BBQ hut for winter BBQ’s – needs a chimney fitted!

Do you hate winter? Detest the cold? Wish it was summer already? Sounds like you need to turn your log cabin into a barbecue hut.
Rain, hail or snow, invite some friends over to stick some steaks on your barbeque and then sit back, relax around the fire and drink some mulled wine as your dinner sizzles away.
BBQ hut

5. Relaxation pad

You definitely need a relaxation pad. Think of a wall to wall mattress, a mini fridge packed with beers and a smart TV. This is a great one if you need to escape the Christmas madness in your home, to watch the game in peace, or to Netflix and chill… with the cat.
Relaxation pad

6. Ball pit

Ok, bear with us on this one – what if you turned your log cabin into a giant ball pit? It’s easy enough, just build an enclosure on one side of your log cabin and then fill it with colourful plastic balls! Appease your inner kid and also have a place to send the kids when they get too cooped up in the house.
Ball pit
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