Oxshott Sports Club Pavilion

March 22, 2023 By

When Oxshott Sports Club were looking for a new Pavillon for their Tennis facilities; Titan Garden Buildings swung into action. Without causing a racquet, Titan were able to work with Oxshott Sports Club to work out the bespoke needs for their new project.

Working with the team, Titan were able to serve a perfect Pavilion shelter for the Tennis facilities, featuring a 8×4 metre building with steps leading directly to the court areas; infrared timed heaters; light syncing with the main club; mains supply; water; Internet and commercial specifications for up to 40 guests. 

This Ace new Pavilion was unveiled at the sports club this month and is just one of the latest garden buildings that Titan have installed for sports clubs. Titan can also help your club, commercial property or your garden with the perfect bespoke building. To book your own free consultation session and secure one of these quality garden buildings for your property – contact us today on our contact page or call us on 01483 224 186.