Garden Office – Featured in Surrey Life

July 22, 2022 By

Working from home has become a more apparent way of life in recent years. It’s been a pleasure to see some of the amazing local businesses that are now using our cabins as garden offices. One such case was Rue, an artist from Surrey, who’s Titan installation serves as her own garden studio haven. Her garden studio was recently featured in the July issue or Surrey Life, showcasing her stunning work and how it comes about in a studio that blends beautifully into the surrounding landscape.

Artist editors of Surrey Life commented on the impressive garden office studio. As seen in the photo, this particular installation features multiple rooms as well as a large windowed area looking out on the gardens and landscaping – all making for a perfect garden office escape.

Rue’s Garden Studio is one example of the infinite uses that a Titan Garden office space can provide.

You can learn more about Rue’s studio here; and learn more about our garden buildings suited for offices here.