Alternative Views – Log Cabin Window Shapes

October 15, 2022 By

We’re all familiar with the rectangular windows that are, for the most part, the perfect way to bring light and space into a Garden Building. But every now and again, we get asked to install alternative window shapes on our Garden Building Installations. This recent installation in East Clandon, Surrey was just such an occasion. With footpaths and passageways on either side of the cabin, our customer wanted to let in the light without making the inside of the shed too public. 

The solution? The upper horizontal windows. These horizontal windows, fixed higher up in the wall of the cabin can be opened and shut, while positioned high enough to enable basic privacy. Of course, they also wanted the classic window and door on the front as well – but we enjoyed installing these alternative design windows and felt it showcased just how bespoke a garden cabin office can be.

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